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List of Some ETFs with Options

Here's a List of Some ETFs with Options

QQQ  -  follows the Nasdaq 100

DIG  -  follows the price of oil and gas

EWJ  -  Japan Index for smaller accounts; can't chart it though

EFA  -  iShares MSCI EAFE Index Fund

EWZ  -  iShares MSCI Brazil Index Fund

USO  -  United States Oil Fund

GLD  -  follows the Gold price

GDX  -  Market Vectors Gold Miners

XLE  -  follows the energy sector

XLF  -  follows the financial sector

XRT  -  SPDR S&P Retail

IWM  -  follows the Russell 2000 stock index

EEM  -  follows the emerging markets sector

DIA  -  follows the Dow Jones Industrial Average

SPY  -  follows the S&P500 index

SLV  -  follows the price of Silver

UNG  -  follows the price of natural gas

NUGT -  triple leverage ETF but IV is higher, but moves really well

DUST -  triple leverage bearish gold ETF, IV is higher, but moves really well
DBC  -  follows the top 14 physical commodities worldwide

FXY  -  follows the Japanese Yen
FXA  -  follows the Australian Dollar
FXB  -  follows the British Pound
FXC  -  follows the Canadian Dollar
FXE  -  follows the Euro
FXF  -  follows the Swiss Franc