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How $ 5000 Was Turned Into $ 30000 in 4 Days of Forex Trading

Many times this type of article heading is created for hype to promote a particular Forex trading strategy or Expert Advisors system (Automatic Forex Trading).

When this achievement is done by a very experienced and conservative trader with nothing to sell or promote or nothing to prove to anybody in particular, one has to investigate further.

A Forex broker statement is available detailing these trades. After studying this Forex trading Broker statement it is amazing that there were only 5 trades using only one currency (the GBPJPY). Most traders would not believe that a 500% return can be generated with only 5 successful deals.

The exceptional results were achieved is 2 ways.

The trader used a high probability forex trading system which stacked the odds very firmly in the traders favour. This is a bit like gambling but in this case being the Casino so you can stack the odds in your favour.

The second most important aspect was that the trader used a money management system which allowed exponential growth on the trading account.

The money management system works like this. You risk the maximum amount of your forex trading account on each trade. Now this sounds absolutely suicidal. Remember that the margin you have to allocate to each deal is returned to you after the deal. 

This happens even if the deal is positive or negative. So you can never wipe out you account in a hurry. In most cases you can get more back as a return of margin from your Forex Broker than you may have lost.

Using this Forex Trading money making method means you lose slowly but gain exponentially. So how does the method work?

 You simply add up your margin requirements (Say $100), your stop loss (Say $50). This gives you the capital required to trade one lot of your proposed deal ($150). So let us assume you have $1500 in your account. That means you can trade 10 lots in your proposed deal ($1500 divided by $150). Let also assume that your target is 60 pips ($60).

If the deal goes well you will increase your account by $600 to $2100. You can now trade many more lots on your next trade. If your deal goes bad your account will decrease by $450 to $1050. You will now not be able to trade as many lots for your next deal. Using this system you loose slowly and gain quickly (a bit like watching your body weight).

That is exactly the method this trader used to increase the trading account by 500% using only 5 trades. Another important fact is that $5000 only represented 5% of the traders total trading capital. 

So although this looks like very aggressive trading the trader could only lose 5% of the trading capital available after a series of negative trades.

Hopefully you found this educational and of interest to your Forex trading. Try this approach on your demo account. You will be amazed at the results.